Saturday, March 2, 2013

The productivity of the bedridden

Had to take a day off from work today after coughing my way to injury. The Common Cold of the Pacific Northwest is a fascinating bug. You can have the actual cold for three or four days, but the after effects will last an entire presidential term. Last night when I was coughing the (hopefully) last remains of things phlegmy and Lovecraftian, I got a good wracking barrage going that resulted in something something getting hurt a lot in my side. Pain relief medicine did a good job, but it still left me bed ridden today. This is what I did:

*Got through a huge chunk of season four of Supernatural. This has probably been my favorite season so far since I decided to give the show a try. I'm not overly fond of Castiel, but friends are convincing me he gets better. I'll hold them to that.

* Read some more of this. I'm a huge Lovecraft fan, but the works of Robert Chambers really rules my roost. Very glad to see there are writers who are enthused by his works as well, and express it with great talent. Definitely recommended.

*Finished the second draft of a new short story. Don't think the pain killers got in the way too much, will know more tomorrow.

Enough from the Good Share dept., back to wallowing in bed. G'night!