Friday, February 22, 2013

Catching up

In the spirit of not falling off the face of the earth, here is the State of the Aaron address.

 In have a cold. Other than Maryland trying to kill me through various medical means back in August, I got through 2012 pretty much cootie-free. As such, a balance needed to be maintained so I got hit with your standard Pacific Northwest Death Cold three days before I had to head down to California to see family. This is as fun as you can imagine.

 Netbook asploded. Well, it didn't so much asplode as much as give me the compact computer equivalent of the finger and saying "You're not the boss of me." Got an Asus Vivobook today. Fantastically sexy piece of work. I can turn it on at 10:30, and at 10:32 I'm writing. After having a Dell for the past 2+ years, you might understand why this makes me giddy.

 From the Better Late Than Never Dept: Got another story published! Unfortunately, it was back in December and I suck at self promotion. It was through UK publishers Spinetinglers. It's a story for Christmas time, you can read it here.

From the Learning From My Mistakes Dept.: Got another story published! My tale, The King In Yellow's New Clothes, will be part of the future Dread Time Tales anthology through Alter Press. Watch this space.

In closing, here's a picture of Charro

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