Sunday, November 20, 2011

I want to be a writer because math is hard.

Ok, so the NaNoWriMoing is going grand. At over 32k word count, on track for 50k by the end of the month. Story is filling out well, too well.

How can that be a problem, you may ask?

When I first started, I broke my plot line down into thirty chapters. One chapter a day, 1667 words a chapter. I now had a guideline. Now, the chapter didn't have to max out at 1667 words, that was the chapter minimum. If it was more than that, I was fine.

You might see where the problem can occur now.

So I'm barrelling along, tappa tappa tappa tap on my netbook. I look at the date. According to my cunningly planned plot synopsis, I should be at about 32k and on chapter 20 of the outline.

I'm at 32k and just starting chapter 8.

Now you see my problem.

There's a good half of my story that ain't gonna be happening. This is a problem because that half has the end in it.  As I've mentioned before, I'm mostly doing this just to say I did something batshit insane to get 50% off Scrivener. I'm enjoying writing the story, and it's taught me a ton that I will gratefully take with me when I get back to the WIP when this crazy month is through. By my calculations, however, if I'm to continue this story by my current approach. It'll be 90k+ when the whole synopsis is fleshed out. I really am not dedicated to this project enough to follow through with that. Things to see, people to do, you know how it is. Furthermore, let's say for batshit insanity's sake I do want to finish the story one day. This circumvents the big issue of the story as it stands right now. I'm going to have to break it up into two parts. Where do I let this first part leave off? I'm looking through the synopsis that I have and mmmmmmmmaybe have a decent leave off point, a point where this part of the story can be considered reconciled to a degree, but that wasn't the sandwich I ordered. I was aiming for wrapping the whole thing up with a nice pretty bow, and am denied.

So this is the solution as it stands: Remember at the end of Buckaroo Banzai (Of course you do. You've watched it a billion times, just like me.) where the end of the movie flashes a screen that tells you to eagerly "Buckaroo Banzai against the World Crime League"? How long have you been eagerly awaiting that sequel?  Yeah, exactly. I'll write this as if there'll be a stunning sequel that will probably bloody never happen.

But it might, because apparently I like creating problems for myself.

Math is hard. Let's go drinking.

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